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The Portrait FotoMethod

A Complete Guide to Portrait Photography

Eric Adams

About the Book

The Portrait Method will give you all of the instruction you’ll need to become a professional portrait photographer.  In this guide, you’ll learn to:
  • Completely control your camera
  • Cropping and creative composition
  • Everything you’ll need to know about light:
     - What makes light soft?
     - How light direction controls mood.
     - Creating depth and dimension with a light ratio.
     - Create different styles of light.
     - Use open shade, direct sunlight, window light, and your speedlight.
  • Posing adults naturally
  • Maternity posing
  • Newborn posing
  • Controlling toddler’s posing and expression
  • Older child expression and posing
  • Family posing
  • Engagement and bridal
  • Marketing keys

Eric is a fourth-generation photographer who has trained over 1,000 photographers from scratch into professional photographers.  Eric is an expert photographer whose first studio did over one million dollars its first year!  Eric has also perfected his ability to develop you as a photographer.  He knows exactly what you need to be a professional portrait photographer.

This guide includes documentation, illustrations, thousands of examples, audio & video, assignments and quizzes to ensure that you’re learning correctly.  You’ll have all portrait photography principles at your fingertips!

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