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Your Pop-Up Flash Sucks

Many prosumer cameras include a pop-up flash. These flashes shouldn't be used. The problem with pop-up flashes is that they are close to the lens. Because they are close to the lens, they create 'flat light.'

Flat light is when you can't see highlights and shadows on your subject. Because the light is by the lens, the shadows happen on the backside of your subject. When you can't see highlights and shadows, your image becomes very one-dimensional.

Another issue with these flashes is that they ruin the atmosphere of your image. You might be in a cool environment with interesting light. If you use your pop-up flash, it will likely overpower the ambient light and ruin the ambience of your situation.

The answer is to turn your flash off and learn the key principles behind shutter speed, f-stop and ISO. If you are familiar with how to adjust these settings, you'll find that you have the ability to create beautiful images in low-light situations.

So...don't suck and learn how to adjust your key settings.


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