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What is FotoMethod?

Photographers' options for getting photography training are limited. Let's review each and I'll share my opinion:

  1. Art school or college: Expensive and long. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life NOT learning how to be a photographer. You would learn some history and theory though...

  2. Workshops: Short and specific. Workshops last a day or a week and teach something very specific.

  3. YouTube. Incorrect and unnecessary. Often, YouTube videos teach something that isn't true. Or, it's something that you don't really need to know. You can waste a lot of time with YouTube.

  4. Books. Outdated and technical. I've read my fair share of photo books. My eyes can get glazed over with all of the detail that may or may not apply

Where can an aspiring photographer go to learn how to become a photographer? The answer is FotoMethod.

I'm offering a revolutionary method for learning photography. Why is it revolutionary? First, it's important to understand that there are four 'types of learners:'

  1. Why? Why does each principle matter? What are the reasons behind everything that is taught? What are the lessons that others have learned as they apply the technique? Some people learn primarily by the reasons behind what's being taught.

  2. What? What are the keys, principles that matter? These types of learners like to see keys or steps. They Google things a lot and like to see illustrations and diagrams.

  3. How? Demonstrations are important to these types of learners. They also need to have hands-on experiences in order to develop skills. (I consider myself a 'how' learner btw)

  4. What if? These are the people who need to take a something apart and put it back together. They love to experiment on their own.

I've spent as much time learning how to teach effectively as I have learning photography. Both skills are important...and separate. Being a good photographer doesn't make you a good teacher. The world is full of photographers attempting to be teachers. The problem is, most don't apply themselves in learning how to train.

I have. I've spent my entire career teaching others to be photographers. I'm not talking about workshops. I'm saying that I've taken people with no experience and made them professional photographers. That experience and repetition has given me the skills to develop you to be a photographer. I know what you need to know...and what you don't.

FotoMethod is the culmination of 26 years of training new photographers. It is a unique method of training that involves all four 'quadrants' of learning. No matter what type of learner you are, it will benefit you to be exposed to all four types of instruction. You'll learn faster. You'll become a photographer!

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